Thursday, November 1, 2007


OK so I've been away from blogger for a while, ummmm 3 months to be exact but in my defense there isn't much goin in my life to make the headlines.

Anyway I've been learning some new stuff in the past months along with completing my so called Master's thesis that I don't think will do me any good and I'm considering abandoning the masters degree for it really a waste of time and money. I've just realized that whatever certificate you have you won't get employed in any company in jordan or anywhere in the ME without a middle man. Nowadays no one cares about you and your certificates and skills they care about who you know and weather they owe em a favor or not thats the bottom line.

So I've decided to put my thesis and project in the dumpster, and I hope to start a new life, a life without worries because whatever you do you went get more than they has to offer.... a question may rise: "Who the FUCK are they?" well to those people who asks that silly question I say look around you and you'll know.

I know that this post is discouraging for people who think that they are in control of their life and seeing a bright future ahead of em, but this is the truth of the life that we're living in. If you don't have connections you're screwed, if ya don't have money your wasted and if you think that your own skills will get ya somewhere I recommend taking that old grandpa's gun out of the closet and shoot your self.

thank you for reading this through, now you can go and enjoy your life....