Thursday, November 1, 2007


OK so I've been away from blogger for a while, ummmm 3 months to be exact but in my defense there isn't much goin in my life to make the headlines.

Anyway I've been learning some new stuff in the past months along with completing my so called Master's thesis that I don't think will do me any good and I'm considering abandoning the masters degree for it really a waste of time and money. I've just realized that whatever certificate you have you won't get employed in any company in jordan or anywhere in the ME without a middle man. Nowadays no one cares about you and your certificates and skills they care about who you know and weather they owe em a favor or not thats the bottom line.

So I've decided to put my thesis and project in the dumpster, and I hope to start a new life, a life without worries because whatever you do you went get more than they has to offer.... a question may rise: "Who the FUCK are they?" well to those people who asks that silly question I say look around you and you'll know.

I know that this post is discouraging for people who think that they are in control of their life and seeing a bright future ahead of em, but this is the truth of the life that we're living in. If you don't have connections you're screwed, if ya don't have money your wasted and if you think that your own skills will get ya somewhere I recommend taking that old grandpa's gun out of the closet and shoot your self.

thank you for reading this through, now you can go and enjoy your life....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Congratulation Iraq

Today marks our first real celebration in years. Iraq has won the Asian Cup and what a wonderful win. Hope that this occasion will bring all Iraqis together and hope that this day will mark the beginning of the end. Thanx our faithful Iraqi National Team for bringing us this close together.

Congratulation Iraq.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Real Madrid the Good Years

I almost cried watching this video. If you're a fan of the dream club as I like to call it you will too. I miss Zidane, Carlos, Beckham and Ronaldo I really do.

REAL MADRID - More amazing videos are a click away

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clinton Got a Blow Job

Hey everybody, today I've brought you a hilarious song that I found while I was surfing the net. Its so funny and hilarious that talks about americas most stupid president ever to come, and of course its not Clinton if thats what you thought by reading the title of this post. Guess who then? :)

Warning: This song has some explicit words, if you are under 13 or if your dad is standing behind you don't press play.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No subtitles Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase....

This is one of the hilarious videos on the net today, watch and you be the judge.

Does any one know which this clip is taken from?? please share if you know.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iraq's Displacement

I know that in my earlier post I said that I wont be back for some time. Well I couldn't and for good reasons. Today I received a document talking about the Iraqi migration both in and out of Iraq. Its a 52 page long review about what had happened to the Iraqi people in the past years and what is still to come.
Click here to download the file and feel free to read it. I know its way too long but its worth reading I promise.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back in Action

Hello everyone, hello people, hello to every body on the globe who has time reading my humble blog. I am back, sort of, still got to finish my thesis and still wont be available on blogger for some time more. There are stuff that I wanted to talk about here just so they wont get too old when I really come back to blog. First thing first, I wanna congratulate all Real Madrid fans out there for supporting the team till they got the Liga trophy and hope next year will be better than this for the team.
Next in my list is Death Note, the series have finally come to an end with a somewhat disturbing-unsatisfying ending but still it was one of the best animes out there. I wont say anything about the series, well not now maybe in the future coz I know some of you still have not watch it, to those I say your missing some great story. Here is a short AMV for the series, its kind of spoiler free and note the "kind of" coz there is a spoiler but its too short to be noticed.

Finally I would like to thank all my readers who waited all this time for me to add another post and to them I say sorry but I have unfinished stuff in real life that I like to conclude before coming back to Blogger.

I almost forgot to mention that from July-1-2007 I became a legal refuge. Now I can leave my house ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can smell the summer and feel the winter. bye bye bed, bye bye chair see ya at the end of the day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Enter the Blu-Ray

Today I saw an ad. for the release of Night at the Museum on DVD, at the end the guy says "available on DVD and Blue Ray" thats when I jumped and said " WHHHHHHHHHHHHAt????!" yup thats what I did. What the heck is a blue ray, at first I thought its something old like VHS something too old that I probably forgot. I couldn't help not knowing what the fuck is a blu-ray and since I'm not a sony fan, I did not know what it was. I started browsing the net to find da blue ray and I found it, well of course I did it seems like every Play Station fan around the world is talking about it.

Blu-ray is a high-density optical disc format for the storage of digital media, including high-definition video. It stores up to 25 GB (single layer) and 50 GB (double layer) and plays up to 9 hours of HD video and about 25 hours of SD videos. the disc is pretty much the same as a regular CD or DVD in shape it also comes in either a 12 cm (25 GB) or 8 cm (7.5 GB) "single sided".

The Blu-ray Disc system uses a blue-violet laser operating at a wavelength of 405 nm, similar to the one used for HD DVD, to read and write data. Conventional DVDs and CDs use red and infrared lasers at 650 nm and 780 nm respectively.

I could just go on and on with this since there is so much to say, so for more information go to some technical web site like techspot. And now I guess I know why the PS3 is very high priced compared to other consoles, but this does not mean that I'm gonna buy a PS3 actually I find it quite dumb from sony to release only one type of its console and claims a high price just because it has a blu-ray reader that might not be used till the next couple of years.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

"A World Without Saddam"

A friend recommended a site to me, it is called Real Truth. It has some good articles about various things most of the are political and has to do with religion or something. As I was browsing through their database after hours of working on my project, its completed at last ha ha ha, as I was saying I was browsing the articles and I found something that is really worth reading or at least I think so. It's an old article that goes back to December 30, but it says so much and I think I should cut my crap right here and leave you with the article, it might look long and might not make sense to some people but I would like everybody to read this thoroughly and think of every word that is written here and tell me what do you think.

Here goes:

"A dictator is dead. Found guilty of committing crimes against humanity and executed 56 days later, an unrepentant Saddam Hussein was defiant to the end. Nevertheless, all who feared the former Iraqi ruler would somehow return to power and continue his reign of terror—mass murder, executions, political imprisonment, merciless beatings, eye gougings, electric shock, amputations, beheadings, rape rooms, lethal concentration camps, assassinations and religious persecution—can now breathe a sigh of relief.

But for how long?

Hours after Mr. Hussein met his end at the gallows, Shiite Muslims throughout Iraq, as well as in other parts of the world, danced in the streets. Though the Shiites, at 13 million, are the majority of Iraq’s population, the Saddam Hussein regime had imposed severe restrictions on their religious practice.

According to human rights watch groups, Mr. Hussein used allegations of prostitution to intimidate his opponents—charges that were often used to justify the barbaric beheading of women.

Under his regime, documented chemical attacks, from 1983 to 1988, resulted in the deaths of some 30,000 Iraqis and Iranians. It has been estimated that Saddam Hussein’s 1987-88 campaign of terror—which included mustard gas and nerve agent attacks—destroyed 2,000 Kurdish villages and killed at least 50,000 Kurds, and perhaps as many as 200,000.

Not even those of his own flesh-and-blood were safe, as Mr. Hussein murdered approximately 40 of his relatives.

The World Reacts

As the hour of his execution drew near, the BBC reported that many freely expressed their thoughts regarding Saddam Hussein’s trial and death sentence.

“We are not surprised at this verdict,” commented the Iraqi Parliament Deputy Speaker. “Quite the contrary; this verdict was a long time in coming.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki stated, “Maybe this will help alleviate the pain of the widows and the orphans and those who have been ordered to bury their loved ones in secrecy, and those who have been forced to suppress their feelings and suffering, and those who have paid at the hands of torturers, and those who have been deprived of the basic human rights, like education and profession.”

U.S. President George W. Bush called Saddam Hussein’s trial and subsequent execution a milestone for Iraq’s young democracy, as it replaced the rule of a tyrant with the rule of law.

While European Union member-states such as the United Kingdom and Spain expressed that Mr. Hussein and other leaders in his former regime must answer for their atrocities, Germany rejected the execution. The EU upheld its official opposition to capital punishment, even with crimes against humanity as the charge. The Vatican viewed Mr. Hussein’s legal execution as punishing a crime with another crime.

Even Iran weighed in. While welcoming the death sentence, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry reminded the world, “We cannot forget the Western protectors of Saddam who by supporting him prepared the ground for the execution of his crimes.”

“Today is better than tomorrow”

The hanging of Saddam Hussein removed one more murderous dictator from planet Earth. However, what does this ultimately mean for the Iraqi people—America—the world? Can we expect peace, security and prosperity to eventually break out in war-torn Iraq? Will the Iraqi insurgents lay down their arms and allow democracy to take hold? Will other Islamic militants give up their hatred for the West?

America is trapped in a catch-22 situation: Leave Iraq, thereby emboldening insurgent forces to continue their quest of turning the nation into an anti-Western Islamic theocracy—or stay for the long haul, thus adding fuel to the flames of anti-Americanism throughout the Arab World.

The conflict in Iraq continues to escalate with each passing day, giving rise to a popular Baghdad saying: “Today is better than tomorrow.” Such low expectations of a hopeful future can easily be applied to other regional hotspots, where entire societies are held hostage to relentless suffering under brutal, human-imposed conditions.

Communist North Korea is being led to the brink of disaster as millions there are starving. Society has degenerated so far that there are now reports from the Chinese-North Korean border of human meat being illegally sold in North Korean markets!

Then there is Africa, a daily study in ongoing misery and pain. The Lord’s Resistance Army is wreaking havoc in Northern Uganda. In Sudan’s Darfur region, the rising death toll and the growing number of lives left destitute is a harsh, undeniable reality—yet amazingly, no one leader is being held responsible. Zimbabwe is experiencing its own level of economic chaos and extreme poverty, with inflation at 1,100% and a loaf of bread selling for $895 (Zimbabwean dollars)! And South Africa, having been freed from the decades-long injustices of Apartheid, is now in bondage to heinous acts of crime, earning the title “Rape Capital of the World.” How long will it take for this First World nation to disintegrate into another Third World nightmare?

The death of a tyrannical despot creates a vacuum, only to be filled by other Saddams if humanity continues on its deadly course.

“Lovers” Will Turn

America and her sister nations of the West might be tempted to sigh with relief at Saddam Hussein’s death. However, it must be remembered that Mr. Hussein was at one time a U.S. ally. These and other political alliances will come back to haunt the American and British peoples:

Consider these excerpts from a book produced by The Restored Church of God titled AMERICA and BRITAIN in Bible Prophecy:

“The pride of American and British power continues to be broken, with our leaders in fear of what our critics and enemies—and the ever relentless press—will say. Authoritative leadership and decision-making is now systematically undercut and checkmated by this endless chorus of professional naysayers. Also, any leader daring to even hint that God might be involved in the affairs of men is lampooned—and accused of crossing boundaries between church and state. God never intended such an unnatural state.

“As both manmade and natural disasters increase in number and intensity, it is evident God’s protection around His people is even now being withdrawn. Headlines daily blare warnings of budget shortfalls, job losses, lack of growth, economic problems, growing social problems, enormous problems in our schools and families, and much more!

“All this will soon grow infinitely worse as God also turns our foreign political “lovers” against us (Ezek. 23:22; Jer. 4:30).”

“We are now witnessing the sudden evaporation of the national wealth and greatness given to these nations. Just as fast as Britain, once called “Great” Britain, and America became global superpowers, their greatness and power is coming to an end. All our allies—our “lovers”—are turning against us, despising us. The once-powerful economic engine of America and Britain is quickly coming to a sudden halt—and it is futile to try to stop it!

“Why? We have ignored our Creator and turned from His laws and commands. As Abraham Lincoln exclaimed, ‘We have forgotten God’!

“Now, God is turning Himself from us. And He is removing the wonderful blessings bestowed to us through Abraham’s obedience. The skeptic, who thinks that the power and influence our nations had in the world was our own doing, cannot explain why our seemingly unlimited wealth and prestige is slipping from our grasp.

“Just as history proves the power and blessing poured upon our nations, recent world developments evidence our decline.”

Why Does God Allow Dictators?

Speaking of the establishment of government leaders, the Bible states that “the powers that be are ordained [appointed] of God” (Rom. 13:1). It also states that God “changes the times and the seasons: He removes kings, and sets up kings: He gives wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:21; see also 4:17, 25).

Why would God allow dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and countless others to rise to power? Why would He permit unspeakable atrocities to be unleashed under their reign? Why doesn’t God intervene?

The answer—which millions of professing believers fail to grasp—is this: This is not God’s world. For the last 6,000 years of human existence, our Creator has allowed men to do “that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). The lasting peace, joy, security, prosperity and sense of purpose that all long for continues to be an unattainable dream because human beings do not know how to govern themselves. Governments of communism, socialism, monarchies, dictatorships and democracies have all failed under the guidance of human hands.

The world today is grim, and conditions will only grow worse. But the Bible speaks of a “world to come”—a future age when humanity will no longer be enslaved to misery and suffering. This will happen because the world tomorrow—a time of peace, happiness and universal justice—will be governed by God, not tyrants."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Blast From The Past.....

DH Box

I just wonder what makes a game worth playing even after 10 years since I last played it. I still don't know and I would apreciate an answer to that question. Anyways, I've started playing Dungeon Hack again after 10 years since my last encounter with it. The game is still great even after all those years it still has potential as the game is completely customizable and full of dungeons to explore.


Although I've played it for so many time in the past it I discovered that there are still monsters that I have not seen or fought before and for the very first time in my life I actually completed the game, well the ending was not solid, as I expected because actually there aint no story to tell beside that a witch has sent you to rural dungeon to claim a magical orb for while keeping all the treasures you find there. I think I will give it another shot tonight and maybe another one tomorrow.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Claymore is an anime based on a shounen manga by Yagi Norihiro. It is set in a fictional world of abundant towns where humans coexist with demons called Yomas. These creatures feed on human guts, they hide themselves among humans until they strike. A group of skilled warriors form a nameless organization to protect humans from these demons. These warriors are called Claymores, after their immense Claymore weapons. They willingly infuse themselves with demon flesh and blood to become powerful half-human hybrids. Villages in danger of attack hire warriors from the organisation for protection.

Long ago, the Yoma, the shape changing demons, took human form to live in disguise among human society. They feed on human innards, and take possession of memories from the brains of people they eat. These acquired memories help them better disguise themselves within human society.

The story of Claymore follows the adventures of the beautiful Claymore warrior Claire, who fights demons and struggles to hold on to her humanity.

Title: Claymore
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Adventure
Type: TV series
Number of Episodes: Unknown
Producer: Madhouse

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

File Catcher...

I found this forum as I was browsing through the net killing some time. They say they have everything you need, and to be quite honest I think they do most of them with a direct link. I guess these guys knows what they are doing. Here you can find everything from movies and music to books and video games and of course everything is free.

Ooops, almost forgot, here's the link for the forums.

We're out of Beta.......

And into deep shit.... Yeah thats where Blogger has been going. Since the official out of Beta announcement and Blogger has been going down, posts don't appear, comments disappearing and weird stuff that I can not describe. At first I thought this is only me but it turns out that other bloggers suffer from the same issues. Donno what is going on but I'm sure that google know about this and is doing nothing to fix it.

Oh and whats with the comments approval, I haven't received a message or mail asking me to approve a comment on one of my posts, hell I haven't been receiving any mail from Blogger ever since I joined. So who approves my comments, "You're comment will appear as soon as it's approved..." Who's approving it, is google playing the role of the new world police. Checking every comment or post before displaying it, if thats the case then I think this post will never appear. For a while I thought that microsoft is bad, but to be honest I haven't had any issues with Myspace. Google should reconsider what its doing, this could really go bad for it.

But I'm a patient person, I'll wait for improvements and hope they come real fast.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why Saddam was Executed....

Today I believe that I know the reason why Saddam was executed, I know this for a fact and no one can argue with it. The reason is that his lawyers were dumb, this theory of mine is strongly supported by evidence, a video, to be exact, of Saddam's lawyer Khalil Al-Dulaimi talking on the LBC claiming that Saddams picture appeared on the moon the same day he was executed. He's so convinced that its true and therefore claims that for this phenomenon to appear it proves to the world that Saddam was an angel and he ruled with justice. I'm not going to talk about Saddam or his actions that led us to the edge of civil war, I just wanna say that most Iraqis believed in this photoshop illusion, its because the low education Iraqis have been given during Saddam's era and the lower one their getting nowadays. Save the Iraqis please, this is not a call for the government only, this is a call for the world to save our nation from illiteracy and ignorance thats been eating most iraqi minds for years and will continue for years to come. Now, the claim of seeing images of dead people on the moon is not new, it also happened when Abdulkarim Kasim, a former Iraqi president, was killed and they also claimed that they've seen his picture on the moon in the same way that Saddam's. I just want to add one thing, for an image this big to appear on the moon for real, the moon has to change its topography should change entirely. It would take centuries to make the moon change its form even millenniums and its physically impossible for the change to happen within an hour.

This is a short clip from the interview of Khalil Aldulaimi, for the people out there who doesn't understand arabic, he's just showing the audience the picture of Saddam's "SMILING" face on the moon, he's also saying something about people gathered around him celebrating. Why they are celebrating I donno.

Here is the picture shown in the movie with Saddams smiling face appearing on it, don't see the celebrating people though.

A fine photoshop trick, very well done. The merged photo looks familiar too, think it's a popular Saddam photo.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Death Note, Death Note, Death Note

The anime isn't over yet but its getting better, just when you think that its gonna end, it starts again. Wow, only if a shinigami drops his death note for me to pick it up, but I guess I should keep on dreaming. Now I'll start watching the first Death Note movie, I didn't want to watch it at first because I thought it might contain spoilers, since the anime has not finished yet but after a thorough search on the net I found where it ends, I've started downloading the first movie and hopefully will download the second after the anime ends. I leave with the trailer of the first movie.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cheer Up!!

My last post was kinda sad and maybe had some bad news, I don't want things to go this way but they're on the go already. Anyways, enough talking about politics, wars and stuff like these for today I've found something ground breaking. Errrrgh, may not so ground breaking for some but it sure is something to cheer you up. Today we're going to download videos from you tube, yes download as in have em stored on your computer. There are two ways to do this, either the easy way or the easier way. Lets start with the easy way as all bad news should come first ^_^.
For this you're gonna need Firefox and I wont talk about Firefox coz by now everybody should know what Firefox is. Anyways, go to and download Firefox, thats if you're still using IE, eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww. After, you download and install Firefox go to the add-ons section in the Mozilla website and search for video downloader, click on video downloader the one with the info about downloading from youtube, google video and more, download the add-on and restart Firefox. You will notice a small icon in the lower right hand side of the Firefox window and there is your prize go to Youtube and download the video of your choice by simply clicking the VideoDownloader icon. Two drawbacks, one is the fact that your "Download" won't start until the movie streaming is finished and I quoted Download for the fact that this program doesn't download anything it just takes the video file that is already stored in your temperory internet files and gives ya the option to save it in a folder in your computer. The other drawback is that the files are in FLV format which is an acronym for Flash Videos, you're gonna need an open source player to run the files I usually use VLC media player, Media Player classic works too.

As I said earlier there is an even EASIER way to download from you tube, just go to VIXY.NET there you don't just get the option to download your video, it also converts the video to popular format AVI, MP4, MOV,3GP and mp3. It works with many other sites, the same video streaming sites that are listed in Video Downloader.

My job here is done I should go to sleep and pray that there won't be a war tomorrow, Ooops, I did it again.

{o v o}

New War Ahead

Ok, here we go again, the same shit that happened back in 1990 and 2003 is happening now with only one difference, a new player has entered the game. Of course you know what I'm talking about, the same old cat and mouse game that the US has been playing with Iraq for over a decade is back, this time with Iran. Same shit over and over again, its getting sick, yesterday the US were maneuvering in the Persian Gulf, today the Iranian government used the same old method that Saddam used, showing the British prisoners on TV.

Was that a wise action? I don't think so, man they've even pushed it far this time by trying to make the British Government admit that the prisoners were caught in Iranian territorial waters. Its like ordering someone to kneel before you. Not an act of wisdom and surly they haven't learned anything from Saddam's mistake. Don't know what the next days are hiding for us, maybe a third world war, maybe they are just bluffing.

It wont be surprised if i wake tomorrow, turn the TV on and find that the US has attacked Iran's nuclear facilities. It's Bush, and you all know who George W. Bush is. A nut case, he'll do anything. Some of you may think that he wont do it since his days will be over soon, I don't think he cares, maybe he'll attack Iran just to give the finger to the new government to come.

Its all seems connected, the congress votes for returning the US troops back home. The very next day we see US troops maneuvering in the Persian Gulf, the day after Iran shows footage of the British soldiers and a rumor that Iran attacked a US ship or something. Today it might be a rumor but there are no guarantees for tomorrow. The Iranians are sick G. W. Bush is a psycho and Iraq will suffer and I mean suffer real bad.

Maybe nothing will happen, maybe I'm not sleeping very well these days, or maybe it's the way my sick brain is thinking. I want to sound optimistic but the odds are against me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pale Cocoon...

What if the chaotic world we're living in is just the dream of every child in the future. What if all the green in the world will be replaced with rust, filth and dirt.

Pale Cocoon is a master piece created produced and directed by Yoshiura Yasuhiro, it tells the story of Ura an employee in the Record Excavation Bureau, a futuristic organization that is trying to collect and recover records left from the old world, the world that we now live in. One day Ura finds a strange record and tries to recover it with the aid of Riko a friend of him.

There isn't anything else to be said for it might be counted as spoilers. The OVA is 22 minutes long and its just one episode. The animation and drawing is brilliant, I've seen nothing like it. The design of the future world where people live in underground layers, since the sky is gone, is amazingly crafted with ghostly flares that make it look real. The story line is not linear, it moves briskly and might catch you off guard from the first view. This anime would appeal to most science fiction fans that are more into science fiction mystery than space wars and aliens.

Name: Pale Cocoon
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
Format: OVA
Length: 1 episode, 22 minutes
Awards: Best Screenplay at the 1st Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market (SAPPORO Short Fest '06)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Ultimate Guide of Finding your Anime.

Since there is nothing much going in my life and there ain't no new subjects to talk about for the Iraqi situation remained the same since Baghdad Security plan was declared. Same bombings and killings day after day which keeps ya wonder if they ever get sick or if one day all the blood shedding will stop. Back to topic and as the title implies I will give you readers hints about how to download Anime and more important how to find them. The following holds the steps I took until I could find every anime on the planet.

The first step was getting a fast internet connection, I mean who would want to download big files with a 2-3KBps bandwidth, not me.
Afterwards I began my search of anime and movies, where to find them, how to get them and calculate the time it takes to download them. First I went to General Forums, Forums that talks about everything, I started searching for my media and I got a lot of torrent references for movies, I wanted to try it so I downloaded BitTorrent, a torrent download manager that's so lame and weak. At first I thought this was my only choice of downloading torrents "Go with the flow!" thats what I said to my self, if everyone is using it why don't I use it too. Turned out I was one of the few that were using this stupid software, I found many other torrent download managers in a site refered to my by one of my friends, here is the link. Anyways, I've downloaded the Bit Comet download manager and my god was I amazed. Instead of the small black download window that Bit Torrent had I now have a fully featured interface, even a web browser embedded in it.

At that time I was in heaven or at least I thought I was, I searched the forums for torrents download the torrent files and then download the whole file. Unfortunately I was wrong, it turned out to be that most of these torrents were considered dead since nobody is uploading them any more. I did not know anything about seeders and leachers and how to tell if there is anybody uploading the file so at that time I thought that I have the same problem I had with other file sharing programs like Emule, they were slow and stop downloading after a while.

I had to search for another source, I started searching for anime forums that give ya a DDL link to animes. Fortunately I found them, unfortunately though they used file sharing sites, like Rapid Share and Mega Upload which are slow and sometimes your download stop in the middle and since they don't support resume only to those who pay, the only way to complete your download is to start it from the beginning. Those were the dark days of my life, I still remember staying up all night waiting for the download to finish and hoping it wont stop 2MBs before it ends.

Using this method I've downloaded a couple of movies like "Street Fighter Alpha" and "Detective Conan Movie 9", all were in real media format and showed a really poor video and/or audio quality. Being all depressed and all I thought I should give the torrents another shot so I re-installed Bit Comet. When the application started I got a message asking me to upgrade to the latest version of Bit Comet and so I did. The new program window almost looked the same except for a little small list on the left side of the window that made me jump up and down on my chair with tears of joy streaming down my eyes. The list held links to some of the top torrent sites in the world, web sites like Demonoid, Torrent Reactor, Torrent Spy, Torrent Portal and W Torrent.

A new era has started, I didn't waste any second, in a couple of minutes I began downloading and anime that is called Ayakashi. It was fast and it took only a couple of hours. When I started watching it, at the very beginning they referred to a web page something called Anime Suki. I didn't bother since I now know where to get my merchandise from for free. I've reached episode 3 of the show and to my surprise as there wasn't any episode 4 in the torrent sharing site. I've waited for two weeks and still there wasn't no torrents for me, I've searched all the other sites that were listed in Bit Comet and couldn't find it. I remembered the URL in the show so I decided to check it out and see what is it. OMG, these were the words that came up to my mind as the page started showing, I was in heaven, at that time I really was, no words could describe my feelings, I found my lost episodes of Ayakashi and started to download them one by one. It was the worst anime I ever saw, the first episodes were great, the last eight were a disaster. I said to my self "Whatever, just get another one", "Why don't I search for Trigun", So I did.

Another disappointment, it turns out that due to federal laws and to be kid of legit, the site does not sub or distribute any anime that has been licensed in the US. In other words "If you are looking for good animes don't enter the site". Hmmm, could this be the end of my journey, only average rated material. I don't think so. This site has opened my eyes, it made me see through a new dimension, the dimension of fan subs and groups. So the hunting began.

I've typed Trigun on every single search bar in the WWW until I found the site of my dreams the ultimate one. ANIME DB .

What this anime encyclopedia gives you is nothing compared with somewhat similar sited like ANN. Instead of just news and trivia about animes, it also have a data base for free fan subs. The data base contains IRC channels, URLs and information regarding every fan sub on the planet. If you search about an anime you get the fan subs that are subbing the anime and a link to their IRC channel and/or a link to their web page.

Now one may wonder which fan sub do I get my download from? My answer to that question is simple, either you find a new fan sub that has just started or get your files from a group that's not subbing many animes. Why? So you won't wait for a long time till they finish it.

A risk involved in each type of fan subs mentioned above. For the first type "the new ones" there is a risk that the group might stop subbing due to financial issues. As for the "groups with minimum active projects", some times they start with few projects and in the middle of the road they end up subbing a wide number of shows, a number that they could not handle so they might drop the show you're watching or it might even get stalled.

Now that you know how to find your anime, I leave you to your search and may god bless your souls.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The greatest game thats never been created.

Shenmue 3, the sequel to the amazing shenmue saga. The one that over 40000 people around the globe are waiting for. Its been over 4 ears since Sega released Shenmue 2 which was amzing in every way you look at it, no matter what they say about its been over rated and that Shenmue fans would just forget about a sequel, I've played Shenmue 2 like 10 times and would still play it. For all Shenmue fans out there please join the petition and let your voice be heard as thousands around the globe posting their signatures demanding an end to the Shenmue saga from Yu Suzuki.
To add your signature click here.

And here is a video of a Shenmue Online trailer submitted by a fan as Shenmue 3. Enjoy and remember to spread the word.

You're the master.

Hey guys I'm back with something really cool check it out. Click here and type whatever you want in the command bar and the guy will do it no matter what.
Actually I'm still amazed about how he could put it all together, the endless possibilities of the human actions and orders combined together. Wow, it's amazing I'm none of you viewers have ever thought about this especially the geeks reading this post. Enough talking now, you have a human being to command.
Almost forgot, Firefox worshipers and Microsoft haters you have to use Internet Explorer to view this coz it uses an activeX control that only works with Internet Explorer 6, I know it sucks X(.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The truth and the Myth

For the last couple of days all the news were about that Iraq girl called Sabrine al- Janabi who, as she proclaim, was raped by the police or the national guards, not quite sure.

Is it true, the Iraqi government and the US say its not. Still some political and Islamic parties say its true, happened and there is nothing to prove the opposite. This matter has become the main topic in all Iraqis meetings, people in the street, clubs, apartments, night clubs and mosques are talking about it and they forgot all about the main issues that they should be discussing, as if Sabrin's case is the key to save Iraq from its misery. We all know the role of Al-jazeera news channel and the methods its been using ever since the Iraqi government closed its main office in baghdad, I'm not going to talk about that since its already known by many around the globe but the question is why now? After things got, well some what, better in baghdad. Also the use of the family name and not the middle name as if to tell all Janabis to rebel against the government and thus all Sunnis should follow their lead.

I saw the two interviews with the girl and I don't know why but I didn't believe a single word she said. Maybe for a couple of reasons, first of all I haven't seen any sorrow in her eyes as if she wanted to be raped or she was merely lying, my second reason was that , in my point of view, no woman would do an interview after what being raped wearing makeup and jewelry, I don't believe any body even with an average IQ will believe that this girl was raped just a couple of days before doing this interview. Last but not least, talking about these kind of issues in public, to Iraqis, is considered dishonoring and kept secret or reported to police using nick names because these kind of stuff are considered disgraceful to the whole family. Sabrin used her family name to introduce her self, plus most girls in Iraq won't do interviews and similar stuff without consulting their families and in Sabrin's case I don't think any Iraqi family would accept to do an interview and reveal to the whole world that their daughter was raped, in Iraqi community these things are better kept secret than go public. No Iraqi woman under the circumstances- under any circumstances- would publicly, falsely claim she was raped. There are just too many risks. There is the risk of being shunned socially. There is the risk of beginning an endless chain of retaliations and revenge killings between tribes. There is the shame of coming out publicly and talking about a subject so taboo, she and her husband are not only risking their reputations by telling this story, they are risking their lives.

Now even if the story is true, why turn it into a Sunni-Shia debacle, it doesnt matter if Sabrin was Sunni or Shia even if she was Kurdish or Christian, she's an Iraqi so this issue should matter all Iraqis and not only the Sunnis or Shia. As a matter of fact, the Janabi tribe is a huge one in Iraq and consists of Sunnis and Shias.

Stop giving small things more than they deserve. Its better to think about how to work together and build our country. How to get rid of all those terrorists that are swarming our country so our children and grand children will have better lives. Stop thinking for today only work for tomorrow coz we live the future not the past, and for the present, well it became history just as I'm writing those words.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Star wars asciimation..

Here is something I found while surfing the net, its really fun and entertaining. All you need to do is a couple of very simple steps:
  • Go to Start menu
  • Click Run
  • Type the following command: telnet
  • Click OK
Wow the fun begins, now watch it till it finish and in the mean time I'll browse the net some more.

As this flick has no sound, I watched it while playing the Star Wars theme in my music player, unfortunately I couldn't find a music sharing site to upload it and embed it in this post. If you know of such a site let me know it should work similar to youtube.

Prince of Persia hits the big screen.

The Highly acclaimed video game, thats been on the top since 1989 will hit the big screen next year. This big news was announced by Jerry Bruckheimer as he would be a co-producer in this movie. The movie's full name is "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" which is the same name as the first game in the video game trilogy and is based on the same story. The cast haven't been assembled yet, only that the Prince would be played by a guy named Charlie Clausen Haven't seen his work before or any of his movies or series, don't even know what he looks like. More info about this movie will come as I will track it till it hits the screen.

p.s. This info might change in the future since the movie is just announced and hopefully we'll see it next year.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Vaio VGN-UX390N micro PC, The future is now.

Sony Introduced this little piece of art quite a while ago still I think that many people don't know about it. The VGN-UX390N is part of the Sony Vaio UX series which SONY's been releasing for quite some time now, this little thingy that I'm gonna talk about rules over them all.

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ Solo Processor U1500 (1.33GHz , 2MB L2 Cache)
  • Operating System: Windows® Vista™ Business
  • Front Side Bus Speed: 533MHz
  • Chipset: Intel® 945GMS
  • Integrated Wireless LAN: Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (802.11a/b/g)
  • Integrated Wireless WAN: Integrated Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) accessing Cingular Wireless National EDGE Network with SmartWi™ technology
  • Bluetooth® Technology: Integrated Bluetooth® Technology
  • LCD: 4.5” Wide SVGA LCD, Touch Screen (1024x600)
  • Flash Memory: Capacity: 32GB, Interface: PATA, Format: NAND
  • Memory: 1GB PC2-3200 400MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  • Graphics: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 224MB dynamically allocated shared RAM/Video memory. Chipset: Intel® 945GMS
  • Ethernet: Fast Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (RJ-45)
  • Audio: Sound System --- Windows® sound system compatible with Built-in monaural speakers
  • Audio Interface: Microphone jack, Headphone jack
  • Media Slot: Memory Stick® Media Slot --- 1 - Supports Optional Memory Stick DUO™ media with MagicGate® functionality
  • Communication: 2 Built-in Cameras (front: 0.3M pixels and back: 1.3M pixels)
    Built-in microphone

As you can see in the picture above, the VGN-UX390N is a small portable computer that fits into the smallest pocket. Notice the black square thingy on the right side of the device, its the touch-pad or just the thumb-pad which is very sensitive and can sense the smallest movement. Facing this on the left side of the device is the left and right mouse buttons aligned vertically so I guess they should call it the up and down buttons instead. Also you get two zooming buttons which enables ya to zoom in and out to view the smallest text on the screen.
Now for the fun part, I mean what is a computer without games?! Nothing is the answer. The great lack of this device is the intel GMA 950 graphics card, I know that because I have this damn card built into my laptop, it doesn't support shading 1.1, thus most of the new games wont work with it, Oh Oblivion when do I play thou, but still you can play games like Quake 3 on it as I've read in an article in Stuff Magazine, why 3? well they've tried 4 and they say it runs slow.

Wanna piece of this beauty, unfortunately it still haven't reached the ME but hopefully soon. In USA it cost about 2500$ and ships with a genuine Windows Vista Business Version. Thank god we can dream.

Its ALIVE!!!!!!!!

After a year of researching, hard work, playing XBOX games and watching tons of movies without mentioning the nightmares I had every night, my project finally works. Yes, now I can sleep with my eyes wide shut, hope so, and just get a look ahead of the things to come. Well there is still some work to be done to get rid of some noise in the signal but thats nothing compared to the things I've been through. Now I can see the world in a different color instead of GREEN which is the oscilloscope screen color that I've been seeing for quite a while now.

Damn it, still got a thesis to write but still I don't care.

New Eb club site

I thought I should talk about this since there are so many people that don't know how to work with it, actually the haven't read the thread published in the ebooks club site regarding this topic. First of all lets see how the main page of the site looks.

Looks nice huh, well first thin you need to sign in to your account using the old ebooks club account or just register for free. After that you have two options just like in the old site, eather browse through the ebooks or search for a book. Browsing is straight forward, searching is kinda tricky if ya heven't read the thread in Ebooks club, lets see how the search page look like:

As you can see there are two search bars, one is kinda useless which is the Google search bar. If you want summaries and book info write your query in the Google search bar, but if your like me and want to find a link to download your favorite books put your search query in the Item Search bar. Now lets make a search for a book and see where the download link to that book is.

The next part is kinda easy and doesn't need too much explanation. Still lets see how an ebook page look like:
Yeah its Abarat, one of my favorite books by Clive Barker and yes I know he's gay, well lets get back to business. In every Ebook page you have four tabs: Amazon Info, Descriptions, Links and Comments. Only the last two are important and contain the download links. As an example, the links page to this book is empty and the link to download the book is found in the comments section.

This was a quick guide to get ya started. Now I shall review the new site.
Whats new in the site, nothing. After you get pass the organize tabs and new icons, there is nothing new to the site. Actually some of the features that were found in the old site are missing, like the rapidshare and mihd search. Everything else look the same but there is still hope of improvement.

Hopefully in the future we could get lots of links for downloads and hopefully the site administrators will be checking the site every once in a while to remove all the dead links that were spamming the old site.
As mentioned in previous posts, No links will be published in posts. To go to Gigapedia, either go to the old Ebooks club site where you can find the link in the main page or click on the Gigapedia link located on the right side of my page.

If you think theres something new in Gigapedia that I might have missed please tell me so we can spread the word.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Death Note

This post is dedicated to review Death Note anime, Since I've spent the last few days at home, there isn't much to talk about, I thought that I should give a review to this anime which I have become one of its fans. The series start in a small Japanese town where lives the main character "Yagami Light" a smart high-school student who by accident finds a note book that has fallen from the death gods "Shinigami" realm which is the death note. The note has instructions of use written in it stating that if a name of a person is written in the death note with that person's image in the mind of the writer, the person days after 45 seconds. After reading that Yagami thinks that its some kind of chain letter but out of boredom he takes the note with him home just to give it a try. Whats written in the note turns out to be true and soon afterwards the original owner of the death note appears, his name is "Ryuk" and hes a death god. With the aid of Ryuk and the death note in his hand Yagami tries to change the world by killing all criminals and low lives out there and bring justice and peace to the world, little did he know that on the other side of justice there is a brilliant detective named "L" who is counting Yagami's moves and trying to catch Kira, which is Yagami's nick name given to him by the public. How would Yagami act to such threats and what are L's methods of discovering the real Kira, watch this must see anime to find out you can download the episodes from various fansub sites which can be found in the anime database site located in the blog links. I'm not going to post any download links here if thats what your asking.

Genere: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Police, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural
Age Rating: Teens

The series have reached episode 18, Watch now to catch up.
Episodes released in Japan every Wednesday.

P.s: If you think this post contains spoilers please tell me where the spoiler is to remove it from the post.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A red Light in the afternoon

I know I should be writing my thesis instead of blogging but I just don't feel like it. Don't know if I would finish my project or not, all I know that I should not quit because I'm no quitter.

Any way, I think that there is to much to say about the Iraqis situation outside their country, especially in Jordan.

Today I was in a cab going to place called Swaifiah, we stopped for a red light and a newspaper seller came out of no where begging us to buy one. I knew that he was an Iraqi immigrant from his accent, seeing the condition he was in and the way he begged for anybody to buy something from him made me shiver. I had to give him some money, after all we Iraqis should help each other till the black clouds surrounding our country pass. I gave him some money and told him that it was a gift and I don't need a news paper. The guy looked at me and threw back my money which was more than enough to buy a dozen of his newspapers, he told me that he's no begger and that I should keep my money if I don't want to buy something.

In Iraq this kind of thing almost never happens, it never happened to me, and to see the guys shape as if he hadn't eaten anything for days and the condition of his clothes and still having this kind of pride after all the things we've been through and knowing that things might get even worse and still keeping our pride and dignity made me proud that I'm an Iraqi citizen, I wanted to go out in the street and shout it out loud. I got hold of my self and kept quite knowing that doing such things would get me into more troubles that I already have.

Some might wonder why a guy would leave his own country and wander in a foreign city selling papers, gum and cigarettes. My answer to you is "Watch the friggin news!!!".

After all that being said I should go back to my work and I want you guys to pray for all of us that maybe one day we'll get back home.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A small adventure with a very high price.

Last week I went to college to work on my graduation project. I arrived to college at 10 am and worked on my project till 3:30 pm. I was exhausted and it started to rain outside so I had to hurry to the parking lot to catch a bus ride home. I picked up my stuff, got out of the building and ran to the bus stop. Many of you would thing that is easy and the bus stop should be next to the building that I was in, well your wrong the bus stop is at the other end of the university, on another hill or maybe a mountain coz its sure is a long way up. I had to run for about a 1 and a half kilometers thats about 1 mile in the rain. Believe me its not like dancing going up and down climbing hills and going down stairs and up again.
It took me 20 minutes to get there, I ran out of energy and just wanted to go home, so I caught the first bus I saw sat in the back took my phone out of my pocket attached my ear piece to it and started to listen to music as I closed my eyes just to relax and save my last drop of energy till I get home. Everything seemed alright back then, "Don't worry the driver will get you home in no time" I said to my self, little that I know I was not going home. I took the wrong bus. I knew that the hard way, just as I opened my eyes to see where were going I saw the sign that shocked me. "Al Zarqa welcomes you" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. For you who are not familiar with Jordan, Al-Zarqa is considered like another state, I live in Amman which is 20 miles (about 30 kilometers) east of Zarqa. I could not ask the bus to stop coz we were in the middle of nowhere, I just sat in my seat waiting for the hell ride to end so I could catch a cab back home. The Driver stopped at the far end of the city, I asked him if he's going back, he said that he normally would but he has to go to a mechanic to fix something in the gear box and he has to go fix it now.
Well it was my fault, right?!, I should have read the sign on the bus which read that the bus goes only to Zarqa. As I got out of the bus I turned and look at it one last time, there I was literally shocked, there was no sign on the bus, nothing that said where the bus is headed and as I crossed the road to catch a ride back I gazed at the other side of the bus and again nothing. How to tell where each bus is going and how students know which bus to take this still puzzles me. Well after that wild adventure I learned one important thing, always ask the bus driver where he's going. I've done that the very next day, as I reached the bus stop I went to the first bus I saw, stood in front of the bus door and asked the driver gently "Sir, where is this bus going?", the driver looked at me from head to toe and said "It's going to Amman, Where else?!!!".

Yeah right, where else?!!!

Why at worlds end...

Well, isn't it obvious that we really are at worlds end. Many threats surrounds us nowadays and we all just sitting here waiting for our fate. Just what are we waiting for thats the question that been bothering me for quite a while now. Did we gave up hope? Are we waiting for someone or something to take us out of our misery? or are we just satisfied to were our action has taken us? and is there a way to go back and fix the mistakes that we've made? ,put a big question mark after the last one, too many question and no one got the answer to any one of them.

These days we lie to each other, talking behind our best friends back, steal for fun, and sometimes even kill for fun. What are we trying to achieve? and what are we getting from doing all that, the answer is NOTHING.

How to make this world a better place to live? anybody got an idea?

Now why am I asking too many questions that I know no one can answer and moreover why am I doing it on my first post? I really donno, maybe I got bored of this life and maybe I got sick of hearing the same bullshit everyday, the excuses and justification of wars, pollution, poverty and diseases that surround us. The ones that we hear about in the news and never raise our voice against it. maybe thats why, or maybe I just have a really bad fever and needs to go to sleep right now.... well think I should GO to bed, its 4 am damn it.