Wednesday, April 4, 2007

We're out of Beta.......

And into deep shit.... Yeah thats where Blogger has been going. Since the official out of Beta announcement and Blogger has been going down, posts don't appear, comments disappearing and weird stuff that I can not describe. At first I thought this is only me but it turns out that other bloggers suffer from the same issues. Donno what is going on but I'm sure that google know about this and is doing nothing to fix it.

Oh and whats with the comments approval, I haven't received a message or mail asking me to approve a comment on one of my posts, hell I haven't been receiving any mail from Blogger ever since I joined. So who approves my comments, "You're comment will appear as soon as it's approved..." Who's approving it, is google playing the role of the new world police. Checking every comment or post before displaying it, if thats the case then I think this post will never appear. For a while I thought that microsoft is bad, but to be honest I haven't had any issues with Myspace. Google should reconsider what its doing, this could really go bad for it.

But I'm a patient person, I'll wait for improvements and hope they come real fast.