Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why Saddam was Executed....

Today I believe that I know the reason why Saddam was executed, I know this for a fact and no one can argue with it. The reason is that his lawyers were dumb, this theory of mine is strongly supported by evidence, a video, to be exact, of Saddam's lawyer Khalil Al-Dulaimi talking on the LBC claiming that Saddams picture appeared on the moon the same day he was executed. He's so convinced that its true and therefore claims that for this phenomenon to appear it proves to the world that Saddam was an angel and he ruled with justice. I'm not going to talk about Saddam or his actions that led us to the edge of civil war, I just wanna say that most Iraqis believed in this photoshop illusion, its because the low education Iraqis have been given during Saddam's era and the lower one their getting nowadays. Save the Iraqis please, this is not a call for the government only, this is a call for the world to save our nation from illiteracy and ignorance thats been eating most iraqi minds for years and will continue for years to come. Now, the claim of seeing images of dead people on the moon is not new, it also happened when Abdulkarim Kasim, a former Iraqi president, was killed and they also claimed that they've seen his picture on the moon in the same way that Saddam's. I just want to add one thing, for an image this big to appear on the moon for real, the moon has to change its topography should change entirely. It would take centuries to make the moon change its form even millenniums and its physically impossible for the change to happen within an hour.

This is a short clip from the interview of Khalil Aldulaimi, for the people out there who doesn't understand arabic, he's just showing the audience the picture of Saddam's "SMILING" face on the moon, he's also saying something about people gathered around him celebrating. Why they are celebrating I donno.

Here is the picture shown in the movie with Saddams smiling face appearing on it, don't see the celebrating people though.

A fine photoshop trick, very well done. The merged photo looks familiar too, think it's a popular Saddam photo.


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Kyubai said...

One word WOW and did that lawyer actually studied for his degree and if so where the hell did he graduate from...

well all I can say to him and the others who may believe this "WAKE UP"...

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