Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cheer Up!!

My last post was kinda sad and maybe had some bad news, I don't want things to go this way but they're on the go already. Anyways, enough talking about politics, wars and stuff like these for today I've found something ground breaking. Errrrgh, may not so ground breaking for some but it sure is something to cheer you up. Today we're going to download videos from you tube, yes download as in have em stored on your computer. There are two ways to do this, either the easy way or the easier way. Lets start with the easy way as all bad news should come first ^_^.
For this you're gonna need Firefox and I wont talk about Firefox coz by now everybody should know what Firefox is. Anyways, go to and download Firefox, thats if you're still using IE, eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww. After, you download and install Firefox go to the add-ons section in the Mozilla website and search for video downloader, click on video downloader the one with the info about downloading from youtube, google video and more, download the add-on and restart Firefox. You will notice a small icon in the lower right hand side of the Firefox window and there is your prize go to Youtube and download the video of your choice by simply clicking the VideoDownloader icon. Two drawbacks, one is the fact that your "Download" won't start until the movie streaming is finished and I quoted Download for the fact that this program doesn't download anything it just takes the video file that is already stored in your temperory internet files and gives ya the option to save it in a folder in your computer. The other drawback is that the files are in FLV format which is an acronym for Flash Videos, you're gonna need an open source player to run the files I usually use VLC media player, Media Player classic works too.

As I said earlier there is an even EASIER way to download from you tube, just go to VIXY.NET there you don't just get the option to download your video, it also converts the video to popular format AVI, MP4, MOV,3GP and mp3. It works with many other sites, the same video streaming sites that are listed in Video Downloader.

My job here is done I should go to sleep and pray that there won't be a war tomorrow, Ooops, I did it again.

{o v o}