Thursday, March 29, 2007

New War Ahead

Ok, here we go again, the same shit that happened back in 1990 and 2003 is happening now with only one difference, a new player has entered the game. Of course you know what I'm talking about, the same old cat and mouse game that the US has been playing with Iraq for over a decade is back, this time with Iran. Same shit over and over again, its getting sick, yesterday the US were maneuvering in the Persian Gulf, today the Iranian government used the same old method that Saddam used, showing the British prisoners on TV.

Was that a wise action? I don't think so, man they've even pushed it far this time by trying to make the British Government admit that the prisoners were caught in Iranian territorial waters. Its like ordering someone to kneel before you. Not an act of wisdom and surly they haven't learned anything from Saddam's mistake. Don't know what the next days are hiding for us, maybe a third world war, maybe they are just bluffing.

It wont be surprised if i wake tomorrow, turn the TV on and find that the US has attacked Iran's nuclear facilities. It's Bush, and you all know who George W. Bush is. A nut case, he'll do anything. Some of you may think that he wont do it since his days will be over soon, I don't think he cares, maybe he'll attack Iran just to give the finger to the new government to come.

Its all seems connected, the congress votes for returning the US troops back home. The very next day we see US troops maneuvering in the Persian Gulf, the day after Iran shows footage of the British soldiers and a rumor that Iran attacked a US ship or something. Today it might be a rumor but there are no guarantees for tomorrow. The Iranians are sick G. W. Bush is a psycho and Iraq will suffer and I mean suffer real bad.

Maybe nothing will happen, maybe I'm not sleeping very well these days, or maybe it's the way my sick brain is thinking. I want to sound optimistic but the odds are against me.