Sunday, February 18, 2007

Death Note

This post is dedicated to review Death Note anime, Since I've spent the last few days at home, there isn't much to talk about, I thought that I should give a review to this anime which I have become one of its fans. The series start in a small Japanese town where lives the main character "Yagami Light" a smart high-school student who by accident finds a note book that has fallen from the death gods "Shinigami" realm which is the death note. The note has instructions of use written in it stating that if a name of a person is written in the death note with that person's image in the mind of the writer, the person days after 45 seconds. After reading that Yagami thinks that its some kind of chain letter but out of boredom he takes the note with him home just to give it a try. Whats written in the note turns out to be true and soon afterwards the original owner of the death note appears, his name is "Ryuk" and hes a death god. With the aid of Ryuk and the death note in his hand Yagami tries to change the world by killing all criminals and low lives out there and bring justice and peace to the world, little did he know that on the other side of justice there is a brilliant detective named "L" who is counting Yagami's moves and trying to catch Kira, which is Yagami's nick name given to him by the public. How would Yagami act to such threats and what are L's methods of discovering the real Kira, watch this must see anime to find out you can download the episodes from various fansub sites which can be found in the anime database site located in the blog links. I'm not going to post any download links here if thats what your asking.

Genere: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Police, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural
Age Rating: Teens

The series have reached episode 18, Watch now to catch up.
Episodes released in Japan every Wednesday.

P.s: If you think this post contains spoilers please tell me where the spoiler is to remove it from the post.


aNarki-13 said...

am being tempted slowly.. i prefer it finishes broadcasting then please i'll beg it from you :D

Shura no Toki rules, have you seen it yet? :D

aNarki-13 said...

oh and thank you honestly, but i dont think i'm a wizard or anything!
just a peon running his own show in his own world :)

still thank you so much for the mention!

The Red Serpent said...

well about death note, I think you'll be waiting for a long time since there are still 20 episodes to be aired, thats 5 months of waiting. And no I havent seen Shura no Toki and I'm guessing you have it so I'll borrow it from you and watch it and if Firas asks me why havent I finished my thesis yet, I'll blame you :P...

aNarki-13 said...

:)) he'll kill me i tell you. he already hates me for finishing but NOT debating! :))

Congrats on the proj!

sure will bring it along with the Holy grail and few other movies i have here.. oh pls dont forget Prestige..

c ya soon.

oh and great blog, keep it up!