Monday, February 19, 2007

New Eb club site

I thought I should talk about this since there are so many people that don't know how to work with it, actually the haven't read the thread published in the ebooks club site regarding this topic. First of all lets see how the main page of the site looks.

Looks nice huh, well first thin you need to sign in to your account using the old ebooks club account or just register for free. After that you have two options just like in the old site, eather browse through the ebooks or search for a book. Browsing is straight forward, searching is kinda tricky if ya heven't read the thread in Ebooks club, lets see how the search page look like:

As you can see there are two search bars, one is kinda useless which is the Google search bar. If you want summaries and book info write your query in the Google search bar, but if your like me and want to find a link to download your favorite books put your search query in the Item Search bar. Now lets make a search for a book and see where the download link to that book is.

The next part is kinda easy and doesn't need too much explanation. Still lets see how an ebook page look like:
Yeah its Abarat, one of my favorite books by Clive Barker and yes I know he's gay, well lets get back to business. In every Ebook page you have four tabs: Amazon Info, Descriptions, Links and Comments. Only the last two are important and contain the download links. As an example, the links page to this book is empty and the link to download the book is found in the comments section.

This was a quick guide to get ya started. Now I shall review the new site.
Whats new in the site, nothing. After you get pass the organize tabs and new icons, there is nothing new to the site. Actually some of the features that were found in the old site are missing, like the rapidshare and mihd search. Everything else look the same but there is still hope of improvement.

Hopefully in the future we could get lots of links for downloads and hopefully the site administrators will be checking the site every once in a while to remove all the dead links that were spamming the old site.
As mentioned in previous posts, No links will be published in posts. To go to Gigapedia, either go to the old Ebooks club site where you can find the link in the main page or click on the Gigapedia link located on the right side of my page.

If you think theres something new in Gigapedia that I might have missed please tell me so we can spread the word.


smiley said...

actually the whole site was reprogrammed including the database from the ground up, mainly to accomodate hundreds of users online at same time

also to provide new framework on which to build new features quickly and efficiently

new categories are on way, items can appear in many categories etc

with the site moving beyond ebooks to comics, emagazines, ejournals as well

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The Red Serpent said...

Thanx man didn't know about that.