Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why at worlds end...

Well, isn't it obvious that we really are at worlds end. Many threats surrounds us nowadays and we all just sitting here waiting for our fate. Just what are we waiting for thats the question that been bothering me for quite a while now. Did we gave up hope? Are we waiting for someone or something to take us out of our misery? or are we just satisfied to were our action has taken us? and is there a way to go back and fix the mistakes that we've made? ,put a big question mark after the last one, too many question and no one got the answer to any one of them.

These days we lie to each other, talking behind our best friends back, steal for fun, and sometimes even kill for fun. What are we trying to achieve? and what are we getting from doing all that, the answer is NOTHING.

How to make this world a better place to live? anybody got an idea?

Now why am I asking too many questions that I know no one can answer and moreover why am I doing it on my first post? I really donno, maybe I got bored of this life and maybe I got sick of hearing the same bullshit everyday, the excuses and justification of wars, pollution, poverty and diseases that surround us. The ones that we hear about in the news and never raise our voice against it. maybe thats why, or maybe I just have a really bad fever and needs to go to sleep right now.... well think I should GO to bed, its 4 am damn it.


Josh said...

nice post. i agree.