Monday, February 19, 2007

Its ALIVE!!!!!!!!

After a year of researching, hard work, playing XBOX games and watching tons of movies without mentioning the nightmares I had every night, my project finally works. Yes, now I can sleep with my eyes wide shut, hope so, and just get a look ahead of the things to come. Well there is still some work to be done to get rid of some noise in the signal but thats nothing compared to the things I've been through. Now I can see the world in a different color instead of GREEN which is the oscilloscope screen color that I've been seeing for quite a while now.

Damn it, still got a thesis to write but still I don't care.


Kyubai said...

Congratulation my friend and I hope that u'll finish your project soon and try writing the chapters of the thesis in parallel with the hardware work it will be easier for u and as u write u'll come up with improvement that will make your project work more efficient...that is all keep up the good work