Friday, February 23, 2007

The greatest game thats never been created.

Shenmue 3, the sequel to the amazing shenmue saga. The one that over 40000 people around the globe are waiting for. Its been over 4 ears since Sega released Shenmue 2 which was amzing in every way you look at it, no matter what they say about its been over rated and that Shenmue fans would just forget about a sequel, I've played Shenmue 2 like 10 times and would still play it. For all Shenmue fans out there please join the petition and let your voice be heard as thousands around the globe posting their signatures demanding an end to the Shenmue saga from Yu Suzuki.
To add your signature click here.

And here is a video of a Shenmue Online trailer submitted by a fan as Shenmue 3. Enjoy and remember to spread the word.


aNarki-13 said...

check this out.
more specifically the OMG post.

the holy grail of computer imaging has been attained.

tarata ta ta
i'm loving it! :D