Saturday, February 10, 2007

A small adventure with a very high price.

Last week I went to college to work on my graduation project. I arrived to college at 10 am and worked on my project till 3:30 pm. I was exhausted and it started to rain outside so I had to hurry to the parking lot to catch a bus ride home. I picked up my stuff, got out of the building and ran to the bus stop. Many of you would thing that is easy and the bus stop should be next to the building that I was in, well your wrong the bus stop is at the other end of the university, on another hill or maybe a mountain coz its sure is a long way up. I had to run for about a 1 and a half kilometers thats about 1 mile in the rain. Believe me its not like dancing going up and down climbing hills and going down stairs and up again.
It took me 20 minutes to get there, I ran out of energy and just wanted to go home, so I caught the first bus I saw sat in the back took my phone out of my pocket attached my ear piece to it and started to listen to music as I closed my eyes just to relax and save my last drop of energy till I get home. Everything seemed alright back then, "Don't worry the driver will get you home in no time" I said to my self, little that I know I was not going home. I took the wrong bus. I knew that the hard way, just as I opened my eyes to see where were going I saw the sign that shocked me. "Al Zarqa welcomes you" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. For you who are not familiar with Jordan, Al-Zarqa is considered like another state, I live in Amman which is 20 miles (about 30 kilometers) east of Zarqa. I could not ask the bus to stop coz we were in the middle of nowhere, I just sat in my seat waiting for the hell ride to end so I could catch a cab back home. The Driver stopped at the far end of the city, I asked him if he's going back, he said that he normally would but he has to go to a mechanic to fix something in the gear box and he has to go fix it now.
Well it was my fault, right?!, I should have read the sign on the bus which read that the bus goes only to Zarqa. As I got out of the bus I turned and look at it one last time, there I was literally shocked, there was no sign on the bus, nothing that said where the bus is headed and as I crossed the road to catch a ride back I gazed at the other side of the bus and again nothing. How to tell where each bus is going and how students know which bus to take this still puzzles me. Well after that wild adventure I learned one important thing, always ask the bus driver where he's going. I've done that the very next day, as I reached the bus stop I went to the first bus I saw, stood in front of the bus door and asked the driver gently "Sir, where is this bus going?", the driver looked at me from head to toe and said "It's going to Amman, Where else?!!!".

Yeah right, where else?!!!


aNarki-13 said...

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tell you what, register, take a look, if you dont like what you see, dont participate (like the majority of them bloggers there, UGH!)

anyway, great posts, i'm serious!
Cheers and here's to a continued success!

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Kyubai said...

Hey serpent glad that u’ve joined us in the bloggers community…
Well how was Al-Zarqa was it nice I’m glad that u managed to returned back to ur place safely (but I guess there r no Salaba for u to fear)…;D
I won’t take ur permission to link for ur blog I’ll just do I hope that u’d stop by sometimes (Although my blog ain’t that cool).
Take care my friend and good luck with ur project…