Friday, February 23, 2007

You're the master.

Hey guys I'm back with something really cool check it out. Click here and type whatever you want in the command bar and the guy will do it no matter what.
Actually I'm still amazed about how he could put it all together, the endless possibilities of the human actions and orders combined together. Wow, it's amazing I'm none of you viewers have ever thought about this especially the geeks reading this post. Enough talking now, you have a human being to command.
Almost forgot, Firefox worshipers and Microsoft haters you have to use Internet Explorer to view this coz it uses an activeX control that only works with Internet Explorer 6, I know it sucks X(.


Kyubai said...

I might try this command but I have to check on it first since I’m afraid there is a catch for it but if it does as u’ve explained it will be great and whoever invented it he is some kind a genius….take care