Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Ultimate Guide of Finding your Anime.

Since there is nothing much going in my life and there ain't no new subjects to talk about for the Iraqi situation remained the same since Baghdad Security plan was declared. Same bombings and killings day after day which keeps ya wonder if they ever get sick or if one day all the blood shedding will stop. Back to topic and as the title implies I will give you readers hints about how to download Anime and more important how to find them. The following holds the steps I took until I could find every anime on the planet.

The first step was getting a fast internet connection, I mean who would want to download big files with a 2-3KBps bandwidth, not me.
Afterwards I began my search of anime and movies, where to find them, how to get them and calculate the time it takes to download them. First I went to General Forums, Forums that talks about everything, I started searching for my media and I got a lot of torrent references for movies, I wanted to try it so I downloaded BitTorrent, a torrent download manager that's so lame and weak. At first I thought this was my only choice of downloading torrents "Go with the flow!" thats what I said to my self, if everyone is using it why don't I use it too. Turned out I was one of the few that were using this stupid software, I found many other torrent download managers in a site refered to my by one of my friends, here is the link. Anyways, I've downloaded the Bit Comet download manager and my god was I amazed. Instead of the small black download window that Bit Torrent had I now have a fully featured interface, even a web browser embedded in it.

At that time I was in heaven or at least I thought I was, I searched the forums for torrents download the torrent files and then download the whole file. Unfortunately I was wrong, it turned out to be that most of these torrents were considered dead since nobody is uploading them any more. I did not know anything about seeders and leachers and how to tell if there is anybody uploading the file so at that time I thought that I have the same problem I had with other file sharing programs like Emule, they were slow and stop downloading after a while.

I had to search for another source, I started searching for anime forums that give ya a DDL link to animes. Fortunately I found them, unfortunately though they used file sharing sites, like Rapid Share and Mega Upload which are slow and sometimes your download stop in the middle and since they don't support resume only to those who pay, the only way to complete your download is to start it from the beginning. Those were the dark days of my life, I still remember staying up all night waiting for the download to finish and hoping it wont stop 2MBs before it ends.

Using this method I've downloaded a couple of movies like "Street Fighter Alpha" and "Detective Conan Movie 9", all were in real media format and showed a really poor video and/or audio quality. Being all depressed and all I thought I should give the torrents another shot so I re-installed Bit Comet. When the application started I got a message asking me to upgrade to the latest version of Bit Comet and so I did. The new program window almost looked the same except for a little small list on the left side of the window that made me jump up and down on my chair with tears of joy streaming down my eyes. The list held links to some of the top torrent sites in the world, web sites like Demonoid, Torrent Reactor, Torrent Spy, Torrent Portal and W Torrent.

A new era has started, I didn't waste any second, in a couple of minutes I began downloading and anime that is called Ayakashi. It was fast and it took only a couple of hours. When I started watching it, at the very beginning they referred to a web page something called Anime Suki. I didn't bother since I now know where to get my merchandise from for free. I've reached episode 3 of the show and to my surprise as there wasn't any episode 4 in the torrent sharing site. I've waited for two weeks and still there wasn't no torrents for me, I've searched all the other sites that were listed in Bit Comet and couldn't find it. I remembered the URL in the show so I decided to check it out and see what is it. OMG, these were the words that came up to my mind as the page started showing, I was in heaven, at that time I really was, no words could describe my feelings, I found my lost episodes of Ayakashi and started to download them one by one. It was the worst anime I ever saw, the first episodes were great, the last eight were a disaster. I said to my self "Whatever, just get another one", "Why don't I search for Trigun", So I did.

Another disappointment, it turns out that due to federal laws and to be kid of legit, the site does not sub or distribute any anime that has been licensed in the US. In other words "If you are looking for good animes don't enter the site". Hmmm, could this be the end of my journey, only average rated material. I don't think so. This site has opened my eyes, it made me see through a new dimension, the dimension of fan subs and groups. So the hunting began.

I've typed Trigun on every single search bar in the WWW until I found the site of my dreams the ultimate one. ANIME DB .

What this anime encyclopedia gives you is nothing compared with somewhat similar sited like ANN. Instead of just news and trivia about animes, it also have a data base for free fan subs. The data base contains IRC channels, URLs and information regarding every fan sub on the planet. If you search about an anime you get the fan subs that are subbing the anime and a link to their IRC channel and/or a link to their web page.

Now one may wonder which fan sub do I get my download from? My answer to that question is simple, either you find a new fan sub that has just started or get your files from a group that's not subbing many animes. Why? So you won't wait for a long time till they finish it.

A risk involved in each type of fan subs mentioned above. For the first type "the new ones" there is a risk that the group might stop subbing due to financial issues. As for the "groups with minimum active projects", some times they start with few projects and in the middle of the road they end up subbing a wide number of shows, a number that they could not handle so they might drop the show you're watching or it might even get stalled.

Now that you know how to find your anime, I leave you to your search and may god bless your souls.


Kyubai said...

Well glad that u still got your passion for anime while mine is fading I guess that is due to the fact that all my sources for anime r now out of the countrey and the only mean is to go to Bab al-sharji and that is near impossible for...
well take care and work hard to finish your project since it is your highest priority

aNarki-13 said...

hm. i use Torrentz.com.

like i said, Bleach RM server has been dead for three weeks now :(( and no way in blue hell i would DL 450+ megs of bleach just for 3 episodes. no. i'll go search (again) for an alternative RM / Compressed Rip.

KyuBei: there are not many hot releases right now, except maybe for DeathNote (i'm still not convinced. i have to watch it first)
i started TriGun, Again,a few days ago.

oh and i'm finally doing the Tringle (maha geri, baijirian geri) correctly! and doing two variations of it as well! (Kyokushin + MT/KickBoxing) found the variation tutorial on YouTube.

aNarki-13 said...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda !!